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The Beatles answering interviewer about their “first time”

Interviewer: Well, when did you first have sex, Ringo?


Ringo: Oh… I don’t remember

Paul: *incoherent mumbling about being 3 or something*

John: …They called it ‘diddy winky’

Interviewer: Paul, when did you first have sex?

Paul: …Um… about… when I was about 5… in the woods

Interviewer: George?

George: When I was about 33 in the woods


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Today In Paul McCartney History

August 29, 1969

Parents Paul and Linda McCartney holding their first child together, Mary, who was born only hours the day before on August 28.

Happy Birthday, Mary Anna McCartney

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Beatles. Blackpool Big Night Out. July 19, 1964

The video of this show has disappeared, believed wiped!

There is some private audio. They played: A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, You Can’t Do That, If I Fell (with a fasle start – ‘to prove we’re playing live’) and Long Tall Sally.

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captainharrison asked: do you have a link to post/96203742172? thank you so much!


I don’t really know how to find that picture with the number, can you describe it? Sorry I’m really bad with all the technology stuff

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